Dental Schemes

There are a number of health insurance companies offering dental products in Ireland.

We cannot recommend any provider above another, each scheme and provider has a variety of benefits. When considering purchase do remember most adults are entitled to a free check up each year under state schemes and also a reduced price cleaning annually.

Please beware of the lead in periods for treatments and the requirements laid out in the small print regarding current dental status. Do read up well before purchase! Unfortunately due to the intricacies of each scheme we are unable to advise you of what your scheme covers, you will need to check back with your provider to confirm cover for treatments.

Each provider has a different form or requirement for paperwork, including differences in the detail required on your receipt. Please let us know what you need on arrival so we don't keep you waiting completing your paperwork after your visit.

We now offer Direct Pay for DeCare Dental. If you are a DeCare member then you should call DeCare to advise them you would like to attend our practice, they will then inform us by email that you are eligible for an initial examination and hygiene visit. Following the examination a treatment plan is submitted on your behalf and Decare will advise you of your eligibility and the portion of treatment they will cover. Decare will then pay the dentist directly and you pay any balance due. Please note, Decare do not provide the direct pay facility for emergency treatment.

We keep forms for VHI dental, De care dental, Garda and Prison officer schemes. Our software is able to produce detailed treatment receipts on request.

Remember the key to good dental health is regular check up and hygiene visits, that way any problems can be spotted early and this saves you both time and money.

Our aim is to work with you to keep you and your family dentally fit! 

Most Irish/EU adults are entitled to a free dental check up each calendar year.  Information about the state schemes can be found here.

If you have any queries, please feel free to give us a call on 057 8662111 and we will try and answer your query.