Booking your appointment

We take pride in providing a high level of service to our patients. It is our aim to provide dental care at a time to suit you, however:

We have a team of three dentists working at our practice with provision in our schedule to provide limited emergency appointments to our patients. These appointments are in high demand and as such are not always available at a time to suit you. If no appointments are available we may take your name and place you on an urgent cancellation list.

When booking our team at reception may ask a series of questions to determine the urgency of your dental needs. It may be necessary for our staff to consult with the dentist regarding your care, before offering you an appointment.
For routine care our booking time is approximately five weeks, (this varies by dentist) there are cancellations and we operate a cancellation list whereby we contact you if an appointment that meets your criteria becomes available sooner than the appointment you have already booked.

Please be aware that our staff are human, that includes the dentists and dental nurses who work long hours, beyond our surgery opening hours, to ensure our service is of the highest standard. Our reception staff are also human and are unable to offer you an appointment if there is no availability at the time, or within the timespan, you have requested. Please be kind and patient, we are only human after all...

Thank you.