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Church View Dental Practice » Blog Archive » Tooth Whitening the pros and cons

Tooth Whitening the pros and cons


Tooth whitening the pros and cons

As every patient has their own unique teeth and requirements, we recommend you talk to your dental professional about teeth whitening. Your dentist will advise you what is best for you.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Churchview Dental Practice home whitening service.

• You are able to monitor the speed and depth of whitening that you want in the comfort of your own home.

• You can choose if you want a Hollywood smile or a more natural shade.

•  If you should want to top up your shade, then you only need to pop your bleaching tray in for a few hours, without any expensive clinic visits.

• The whitening process takes longer than other methods but the result lasts longer.

• Your initial kit contains enough bleach to achieve your desired shade.

• Once you have purchased your initial kit from Churchview Dental, additional bleach can be supplied at a small charge, once you have had your annual check. This is required by the EU directive on tooth whitening.

• As with any tooth whitening, occasionally patients experience increased sensitivity.

For further information or to arrange a consultation, call 0578662111.