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Church View Dental Practice » Blog Archive » So how did your tooth become decayed?

So how did your tooth become decayed?

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Decay happens when bacteria and food or drink come into contact with your teeth.

The bacteria feed on this food or drink and produce acid. This acid then de-mineralises the enamel of your teeth and over time works its way through to the centre of the tooth. Under the enamel the tooth is softer, so at this point decay spreads more rapidly. The decay can also spread inside the tooth, under the enamel, unknown to you and often only visible to the dentist on x-ray or by very subtle shade differences in your tooth enamel.

Once the decay reaches, or almost reaches the centre of your tooth, you begin to experience pain. It may start with sensitivity to hot and cold, then progress to a general uncomfortable feeling most of the time. Once the pain becomes constant the tooth is often only savable with a root canal treatment as the decay has reached the nerves and blood vessels in the                                                            centre of the tooth.


This short video helps explain how it happens.

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