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Prison Officers Medical Aid Scheme

Prison Officers Medical Aid Scheme

10_pomasHere at Churchview Dental Practice, we offer a full range of treatments to patients under P.O.M.A.S. Most Prison Officers are now entitled to a free check up under the PPS Dental Benefit Scheme details of how to check you and your spouses eligibility can be found here. Alternatively, we can check for you, just  supply us with your PPS number when booking your appointment. The Prison Officer Medical Aid Scheme offers a range of benefits, details can be found here.

For children under the scheme, an often missed benefit is fissure sealants, the scheme pays well over half the cost. Fissure sealants are plastic based coverings for the biting surface of teeth. They are usually applied to children’s teeth as the permanent teeth erupt around 6 years old. Traditionally they would have been applied by the health board, however with cut backs many children are not seen at this critical age. More information on fissure sealants and their benefits can be found here.

In order to maintain our competitive pricing, we ask patients to pay for their treatment at each visit. This helps you to budget for your treatment and we are able to keep costs down. We keep POMAS dental claim forms at the practice for your convenience. When you are ready to make your claim we will complete your dental claim form and send it to you with your receipts. Just give us a ring when you are ready to claim.

If you are having some extensive treatment and would like to pay in installments, please feel free to talk to Enda or the staff about this option.

Laser, cash or cheque (with a bankers card) are all accepted.